Good at Life

I’ve been living on my bus for two weeks. The idea has become reality. There was trepidation, I confess, but it’s actually quite simple and nice. Basic human needs are easily met.

Plumbing, fridge, stove, sink, heating and cooling systems, furniture, storage, beds, bathroom, closet, curtains, locks….I don’t really have those things yet, but I do have a solid home; a roof over my head, walls, windows, doors, a bed, dresser, cabinets, clothes, food and water, a comfy bed. An extension cord from the house powers a blender, water cooler, toaster oven, lamp, my laptop. My phone works for much internet, and I can write comfortably at home, then go to a cafe to post and send.

My vision for this place continues to evolve. Her name is Opal. Opal is a precious stone of sympathy and compassion, pure thoughts and confidence. It’s characteristics are absorbent and reflective, stimulating dynamic creativity and aiding access to the true self. I’ve always been enchanted by the way an opal appears milky white on the surface, while brilliant colors dance in its depths. I wish to integrate this quality of translucence into the interior space of the bus.

Right now, the space is open and bright. There are 33 windows! I don’t plan to completely block the light from any of them. In fact, I plan to replace the emergency hatches with skylights! I have a shoji screen in here, and I love how it helps to define a space without blocking the light. I’ve decided that the bedroom and bathroom walls will be ‘shoji’ walls, and even the cabinets will let in light. There will be translucence panels on some windows, and curtains on others, for privacy and warmth.

I’m in the process of deciding on a heating source, realizing that these sultry summer days won’t last forever. Propane? Electric space heater? Wood stove. The way that feels most harmonious. Seeking a small, attractive, affordable one.


< My temporary sink.  Hot or cold water from the cooler into the jar, poured over hands or whatever, run-off caught in the bowl.  Sunflower is a happy accent.


14054171_10154446320338762_4780531718968543548_nI scored some beautiful tile for the bathroom sink/shower, found at the ReStore for only $14!

Shoji screen, borrowed from my daughter, Amanda. Translucence, baby! >

And I’ve been scrubbing and priming her.  Just me and my scouring pad, massaging her grimey spine.  We’re bonding.  The right space will be more willing to embrace her presence when she blends harmoniously into the scenery.


We still seek a peaceful place with a community feeling, access to water and electricity, and the ability to compost, grow food, eat fresh eggs.  Outside of town is fine, but not too far, as I’m planning to have dinner parties and painting parties.  I want to fill her with creative spirited friends!

Also, I need a small wood stove, water tank, padding for beds and bench seats, fabric, etc. etc…  I’m grateful for the support I’ve been getting!  If anyone wishes to contribute, you’re welcome to message me or add to my Paypal account .  Anonymously, if that’s your style, but if you let me know, I’ll be happy to paint something for you!  PayPal.Me/jaynebme

At times I feel odd, even rather dysfunctional, but mostly, increasingly, I feel pretty dang good at life!  My life.  We all have the task of figuring out our piece; what we’re here for.  Sure, I could get a ‘real, regular’ job, working for someone else.  In many ways it would be easier.  I enjoy interacting with people, helping, having financial security.  But I couldn’t ignore the nagging feeling that that’s not where I’m supposed to be.  I’m going with my inner compass.  The deliciousness of knowing I’m in that flow is so worth all the struggle.


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