Flowing Along


Life flows along.  I am devoted to my schoolie project, in tandem with all the rest of it.  Grandbabies growing so fast, so precious and perfect, I’m with them as much as can be.

 A visit from my dear sister who lives far away requires relaxing, playing, adventuring.


14368643_10154555612693762_2584983088065377126_nPet-sitting provides extra income, as well as a place to shower, cook, etc. 14322295_10154555612523762_5361552675469887782_n


I found a beautiful little wood stove.  It was a splurge, but so worth it.  I traveled to an off-grid dream place on Guemes Island for it.  The owner was kind enough to give my friend and me a complete tour, explaining their water catchment, solar and composting systems.  Inspiring and informative towards my own goals.  -Oh, and he even let me ride George the giraffe!  Be patient; I’ll show the stove when it’s all set up 🙂


  • I finished scrubbing all of the scummy growth off her, and now I’ve got her completely covered in an armor of grey primer.   Incognito.
  • 14364793_10154555613113762_8056271535598209161_n14370113_10154555612573762_2600781793869634178_n
  • I framed out and created a platform over the wheel well where the stove is gonna go.  Tiled it yesterday.  Lunch break at the Co-op is over, and it’s time to go back and grout it.  I’ll be looking for help to place the super heavy cast iron stove and figure out stove piping.

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