Fabulously Fun First Class~ ‘Flow with van Gogh’


On Monday afternoon, November 3rd, this concept became reality.  All the easels, canvas, paints and brushes fit into 3 bags that I could handle myself (though Rob helped).  Our Creative Flow is mobile!  We showed up and set up at Parkway Chateau.  At first it looked like I might have only a couple people, but that’s because Chorus ran late.  By 3:30 we were rolling with 7 adventurous attendees.  After a brief warm-up, I had them swirling blues, greens and golds across the canvas with a big mop brush.  Each person eventually got comfortable with the medium, tools and their own abilities.  The atmosphere was warm and encouraging.  Stories and laughter were shared, and even a sing-along of ‘You are My Sunshine’ which Owen led on his harmonica.

I was so caught up in visiting with these delightful people and making sure that they all finished to their satisfaction that I completely forgot to get any photos.  Sorry!  Next time, for sure.  I will be returning to Parkway Chateau every 1st and 3rd Monday, provided the new activity director gets on board with it.  Gauging by the enthusiasm of the residents, classes will fill up quickly.

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