Painting at the ‘J’

The Creative Flow Painting classes officially began at the Jansen Art Center in Lynden on November 22nd.  The class is scheduled for every Saturday from 1:00-3:00 pm.  The following week was Thanksgiving break, and the next, December 6th, was the JAC’s Holiday Fair.  I had agreed to bring supplies for a kids activity in the Painting Studio from 10:00 am- 4:00 pm.  I lugged in everything I had that I thought would be helpful.  Bottles and tubes of bright acrylic paint, papers and boards in various sizes, mop, flat, fan and pointy brushes, pallet knives, sponges, inspiration images in books and on the walls…. I set up the room, and I waited.  Would the kids come?  Would they stay to paint?  Would anyone come?  So far, for all of my efforts, only one person had come to my classes: Chris, who’d bought a punch card for 4 classes.

The morning started slowly.  Chris showed up with his own supplies, and some of his paintings from home.  He sat down and started a new painting from his imagination.  Karen, the director, checked in and introduced me to a couple of new &  sparkly young members of the JAC team.  I wandered down the hall and visited with some fellow artisans who were set up in the Ballet Studio.  My dear old friend, Kate, stopped in for a chat.  People trickled in and out, some of them stopping to play with brush and canvas.  Then, around 1:00, a wave of kids, all eager to paint!  For two hours there was a steady flow of kids and families who sat down and created paintings.  Oh the joy of watching them connect with the medium and immerse themselves in the creative process.  Faces beamed contentment as they walked out the door with their creations.  Priceless.



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