The Inner Ease Technique

“The turbulent thoughts and emotions created by today’s rapid pace aren’t confined to each individual,” says HeartMath LLC’s Exec. VP Howard Martin in the webinar, Creating Your Energetic Field Environment For More Flow and Ease Through Life. “All of our thoughts and emotions create an energetic field, and we feed it all the time through our conscious thoughts and especially through our emotions.” 

This field affects others as well, so we must take care of it, and practicing the Inner Ease Technique will help: 

1. Acknowledge your feelings when you sense you’re out of sync or engaged in stressors such as impatience, frustration, anxiety, overload, anger.

2. Take a short timeout and do heart focused breathing.  Breath a bit slower than normal and imagine breathing through your heart space.

3. Imagine drawing a feeling of inner ease with each breath, infusing your mental and emotional nature with balance and self-care from your heart.

You can sooth yourself, as you may have been soothed as a child, with the simple heartfelt words “Everything will be okay”.