Embracing Change

My understanding of the big picture is that everything is connected and in constant motion.  That is the creative process.  And, as Max Ehrmann said in Desiderata:

“… whether or not it is clear to you,
no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.”


The Creative Flow Painting class at the Jansen Art Center did not draw people with the consistency that we’d hoped for.  Class numbers are low across the board in December and January, so there is that.  The staff was very supportive, and we tried modifying my original concept to make it fit the community.  I learned some things, and shared some magical moments with those who did come.  I will consider starting a new class there in the future, but I will be basing my decisions on filling a need rather than trying to create one: finding that place in the flow where the current carries me effortlessly along.  It feels like Bellingham is where this type of venue will flourish, so I am open to finding a space for it here.

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In my work with the elders, change comes by clients passing on and Life Enrichment Coordinators changing jobs.  A private pay client succumbed to the flu last month, and now my beloved class at the Parkway Chateau is in jeopardy because the coordinator is leaving.  I have truly loved the energy created by the dear people there, and I hope we can continue to create together.

And I am moving house.  Again.  I’ve tried counting, and I have moved over 30 times in my life thus far.  Even as I prepare for this temporary move, I know I will be moving again, probably soon.  Chanting my motto: Relax, be Grateful, and keep moving in the Right Direction~

Endeavoring to keep peace in my soul~

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