Upside Down

11327889_10153316451103762_1545265471_o  Eve is a weekly client.  She was painting regularly at a local studio before breaking her hip and moving to a Senior Living facility.  She has short term memory loss and occasional anxiety, though her overall attitude is wonderful, and I so enjoy working with her.  She was feeling overwhelmed at the beginning of our session, so I had her turn the image and her canvas upside down for a fresh perspective.  As I learned from “Drawing On the Right Side of the Brain”, doing this helps a person to shift into the less critical, more creative side of the brain.  It did help her to relax, and she loves the resulting painting.



Later that day, I had my class at Parkway Chateau first draw and then paint upside-down, also.  They took to it readily, their eyes steadily focused on the image (an impressionist painting) to really see it; the ‘artist’s eye’.


With this closer peek, you can see the impressive quality of their drawings!



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