Mouna Farm Adventure

The last couple of years have been about letting go and being open to the creative flow.  Letting go of people and places and agendas has brought surprising and delightful adventures.  This present one is on an organic farm/arts and cultural village in Wai’inae, Hawaii.


I met Peter Lecompte when he came to see the Highland Hemp House in July.  He told me about the farm, and sent photos of it when he returned there, where he’s been living since spring.  Peter’s an organics guy, and oversees the planting, tending and other farm business.  I have been holding the vision of intentional community in various forms for years, but nothing’s manifested in Bellingham yet.  Hawaii’s where I envisioned returning to this winter, and I’d had a sense that might be where my creative process would move forward, though I knew not how.  When Peter invited me to visit Mouna Farm, of course I said yes.  I arrived October 21st.


It’s Sooriya’s farm.  Peter is his long term friend and business partner.  Sooriya is a renowned copper artist.  Mouna Farm is 5 acres in a sketchy town in the most arid part of Hawaii.  Farm interns (woofers) and interesting people from around the world regularly visit and stay here.

At the moment there are 10 people staying on the farm.  It’s 75- 85 degrees every day.  Work is done morning and afternoon, with a break between 10 and 2, the heat of the day.  There’s a communal evening meal for whoever happens to be there.  Sooriya often cooks his much loved curry dishes, but others also take their turn.



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