Playing in Waianae

I had intentions to regularly blog as I go through this adventure, but it’s tricky to write about something as you’re experiencing it.  Each moment fills, and then my eyes close to sleep.  I can discipline myself to write, but how interesting is a quickly regurgitated event log?  What’s worth sharing is the deeper currents, and those take time to decipher.

Halloween was our young German couple’s last night.  I pulled out the clay and watercolors, with internet Omo images for inspiration.  It was gratifying to see the reserved young Woofers immerse in the creative process, and fascinating how similarly the couples painted each other’s faces, without seeing what the other was doing.  Alcohol was allowed for the special occasion.  There where stories, laughter, drumming and a smidge of singing around the fire.

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Sunday, I hiked up the hill with the young’uns.  It was steep, hot and vortexy, and I got the  same palpitations and purpley flush I got 3 years back, climbing Bell Rock in Sedona.


This is boring and I can’t keep my eyes open.  My tummy is full of the best pizza I’ve ever had.  I cannot express how amazing life is here…