So I Bought This Bus…

Schoolie conversion project!

Schoolie conversion project!

With my children having children of their own, and no restricting commitments,  it’s time for me to be free to travel and spend time on creative projects, sometimes in community and sometimes in solitude.  The ‘tiny house’ movement has been on my radar since it’s inception.  Actually, I believe this movement is born of a collective soul call.  More on that later.

So I bought this bus.  It’s a full sized school bus, retired from 20 years of service, an extra sturdy Thomas WestCoast-er with relatively low miles and in great condition.  It’s a “pusher”, meaning the engine is in back, and a great big picture window in front.  I must say, it was an interesting and thrilling experience to buy it and drive it across town!


I’ve managed to get all but three of the seats out.  The cushions have been dumped and the metal frames are loaded for a trip to ‘Z’s Recycling’ tomorrow.  There’s still a few bolted bases stuck to the floor, which I hope to be able to remove with my new-to-me driver set.

12592239_10153885080488762_1361784059841337900_n Removing all those seats- not easy!  For most of them I had to crawl under the bus and hold the nut still while my friend wrenched from above!

12524067_10153885080473762_5339917415112382981_n Then cleaning away 20 years accumulation of debris.

Soon, with the interior cleared out, the conversion process will begin in earnest.  I’m scoping for a secure and peaceful place to park her for a few weeks, with access to electrical power.  I’d love to stay within town, if possible.  I’m willing to pay an appropriate amount for the space and power.

Also, I’ve had friends ask me how they can contribute financially to this project.  Well, here’s my PayPal link, which should be free and easy to use.  Thank you so much!


  1. I think this is awesome Jayne. I’ll be interested to see how this all comes together. It’s an exciting time.

  2. I think that with a Artist/owner that when the time come for the new paint it’s going to be epic, that’s what I want to see!

    • That’s a big part of what I’m excited for as well, Todd 🙂 Gotta get through the tough stuff to get to the fun designing and decorating!


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