Blowin out the Bolts on the Big Boho Bus

B12642958_10153893962988762_5385465581510589872_nig Boho Bus is getting ready for her transformation!  Friend Gary got in there and cut out the remaining metal seat frames so I could take a pickup load of them to be recycled.  I was hoping to balance what I paid to dump the cushions with what I’d get paid for the metal, but as you can see on this receipt, that was not to be.   “Prices are at a 15 year low”, I was told.  “4 tone chev” says the receipt …Yes, the hand-painted Highland Hemp House pickup is rather colorful 😉  I was informed by the yard worker that Z’s is expecting to get 11 more retired buses, and seeking permits to sell them from there, fyi to those who might be wanting to do what I’m doing!


I still had the puzzle of how to extract the rest of the bolts so that I could get started on my new floor.  These were situated over the fuel tank and engine so that I could not get access to the nuts below.  I bought an impact driver, hoping  we could pull them out, but we (Rob’s been lending a hand) weren’t able to.  I sat and had some realization moments.  My tenacity can be helpful, but I have room for improvement in my willingness to concede to those with more experience.  And that’s okay.  Room for improvement is a good thing 🙂   I realized that the way I’d heard people usually got them out, by cutting out the bolts, was what needed to be done.  For that I needed to get to a power source and the necessary tools.12654184_10153893963058762_1156758803035376035_n


More heroes to the rescue!  My friend Eric told me to bring the bus to his shop, to get it done.  I took some deep breaths, donned my resolve, and drove her across town.  It’s really not so hard to drive a bus, it’s just different, and I still need to get used to the air brakes and the length!  I did clip the curb on a couple of turns.


Working with Eric and his neighbor, Clark, we got everythi12662706_10153893963013762_8403522471346220156_nng out of the floor except the heaters and a side strip.  It was stinky and loud, with shredded and melted metal, fumes, sparks flying everywhere, but sometimes such things are necessary, on the way to where we’re going. I got in there and did it, and I’m dirty and exhausted, but feeling accomplished.
I’m going back in the morning to finish the job and bring the bus back to Fairhaven.  A happy discovery is that the rubber flooring comes up easily, and there’s a nice sub-floor underneath, ready for me to put a new floor on. Of course it must be a natural material, and ideally re-purposed. I’m thinking wood or bamboo.  Let’s see what I can find…

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