BeBe is Her Name-O

I’ve taken a bit of a break, to help usher my first grand-baby into the world.  She was born just before midnight on her due date of February 9, sweet and perfect!  I had the privilege of attending the birth and basking in the love and joy of the new little family for a few days.


It’s also been incessantly raining, which isn’t helpful for the next step in the bus project.  The flooring needs to be pulled up and taken to the dump, and I want to get the exterior painted as soon as possible.

Painting party!!!  She’s in a great central spot right now to gather a crew of brush wielding pals and smother that too-brilliant yellow with more mellow, camouflage-y tones.  I have a vision of what she will look like, inspired by my shirt:


Don’t get distracted or freaked out by the beautiful flowers.  I will paint those on later.  For now, we will slather on an earthy, muted blend of olive and ochre and plum.  As soon as it stops raining…

I’ll feel more relaxed when that’s done and she won’t be nearly so conspicuous.  Hopefully that will also solve the current situation of her being an unwelcome eyesore in an unauthorized place, and help the process of securing a good home for the next stage.

I’ve named her “BeBe” for Boho Bus.  And my grandkids will (hopefully) call me Beppe (pronounced ‘Beh-peh’), which is the Frisian name for Grandma.  Beppe’s big boho bus, Bebe.  And I tend to call my preciouses ‘bubby'[.  Okay- enough ‘b’s 🙂

I’ve been sketching out the floor plan, and close to finished.  Placing and spacing will most likely evolve.  My intention is to create a beautiful, inviting, comfortable, versatile and fun space.  My home, studio, workshops, B&B, room for grandchildren and guests, travel adventures… and so on!!!

Wish list:

  • Peaceful, secure parking place with access to power and water- $100/month?
  • RV sized Fridge
  • 30-40 gallon water tank
  • Small Wood Stove
  • instant hot water
  • RV sized Kitchen sink
  • Bathroom sink- small


  1. Where are you looking for parking?

    • It Bellingham would be great, or anywhere within 20 miles of town?


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