Demolition’s Nearly Done

Anyone who’s ever done a renovation knows that the demolition is not the fun part.  …well, some folks might get a thrill from destroying things, but I’m not one of them.  Getting the seats, bolts and flooring cleared out has been tough, in the cold wet winter, without power- but the end is in sight!

12742428_10153935874728762_4886528765824620125_nThe rubber flooring was glued to a plywood sub floor.  I slowly peeled it up with a crowbar.  Underneath where the front ceiling escape hatch has been leaking there’s a rotten section that I’ll need to replace.  10487412_10153935874878762_3543914436209782368_n

My friend helped cut and cap the radiator hoses to remove the 2 floor heaters.  The hoses travel from the engine in back to the heater at the front of the bus, which I will want to keep functioning for road trips, so I’ll need to rearrange the hoses for a straight run along the left floorboard.  I can run additional plumbing and electrical along there as well, so my house plans will have cabinets along that wall, keeping the lines out of sight.

The heaters are for sale, $30 each.   If nobody wants them, the  4 12 volt fans inside are for sale, $5 each, and maybe the copper can be salv12744275_10153930350743762_603248673046678706_naged, as well.

After all that, it’s time for some fun!  I found 4 cans of quality exterior paint in the muted colors I want for the ‘camo’ base coat of my currently way too bright bus.  Sunny skies are forecast, and I’m thinking this coming Saturday will be the right time for a Painting Party!  Show up at 1:00 in painting clothes and we’ll have a ladder, sandpaper, brushes, rollers, etc.  It will be an exciting transformation!  Afterwards we can kick back with fish tacos and beer 🙂









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