Ready for the Flooring

12417529_10154063360078762_2167028190981534659_nBB the Boho Bus has been sitting in an open field near the bay for almost 3 months, with not much progress being made, but I got the radiator hoses reconnected and last weekend I moved her a few hundred yards, into a fenced yard.  Now she’s secure, and I have access to power. There are boats and trailers there to keep her company, and circus people.  I can plug my extension cord in inside the Circus Guild space.  After I got her settled into a shady corner of the yard, I borrowed an angle grinder and ground down all the jaggedy bolt stubs poking out of the floor.  About a million of them.  I missed one.  In the middle of my back bedroom section.  So I need to borrow the angle grinder again, to grind that sucker down, plus the big fat bolts still anchoring the bar right behind the driver’s seat.

I got a great deal on some bamboo flooring from a friend, and today I bought a big roll of cork underlayment.  I also got heavy duty wood glue, and a rubber mallet.  I’m ready to lay some flooring down!  My schedule’s pretty full for the next couple of days, but I for sure hope to get a start on it by Saturday.  Once the flooring’s down, I’ll frame up my bed, then work my way forward:  Bedroom walls, closet, bathroom, bunk beds, kitchen, living room.  In this photo, the partition is sitting where the wall between bedroom and bathroom will be.

Budget?  What budget?  My funds are limited, but even if they weren’t, I would uphold the ideal of using re-purposed materials as much as possible.  So far, I’ve spent around $2,300 on this project, and only around $300 has been for new materials.

apipA couple of special features I’m thinking I may splurge on are a ‘Pipsqueak‘ tiny wood stove, and a ceramic sink made by a local potter.  They’ll be worth it in the comfort and charm they’ll add to the place.

Things I still need:

  • small range
  • small fridge
  • cabinet, wall and bench materials
  • upholstery fabric, padding
  • water tank
  • propane tank
  • solar panels ……….and the list goes on 😉



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