BB’s Bamboo Floors!

I’ve finally got a chunk of time and great weather, and I’ve worked solid the last 3 days on putting down the bamboo flooring.  I had to just start laying it out to figure out what would be best for my floor plan and the ratio of light and dark boards.  I got 2/3 of it done in the stripes, and decided that was too busy for my senses.  A friend who stopped by suggested it, and it does have a striking beauty, but..


Ultimately I arranged the wood as I had been envisioning, with solid colors delineating each room.  It has been painstaking work.  I am a good squatter, but even I, after 3 solid days of crouching, am seriously sore.  All of my leg muscles ache, and I believe the knee joints are rather swollen.  Well look, not just arranging the wood, but my chop saw also sits on the ground, outside the bus, so there’s the up and down of that, too.













Before sunset today, I reached the last of the boards, the cork underlayment and the furthest edge of cleared floor.  Tomorrow I’ll check the ReStore for more matching boards.  I’ll pick up some screws and start screwing it all down.  What a huge difference this makes!  Now the layout is set, and the vision is becoming more clear 🙂

The back bedroom, hallway and kitchen are light colored, and the bathroom and living room are the warm brown tone.



  1. Lovely!!!!

    • Thanks, Susan! I hope to see you again soon <3

  2. Congrats on making your bus into a home. That’s a lot of work for one woman. Good luck on finding a place to park. And lovely being together last night. Blessings, Dudley

    • Thanks, Dudley! It’s nice to know others who have done this. Wonderful being with you, too 🙂

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