Get Outa Town

She’s starting to look more like a home, eh?!  There were some light blond cabinets at the ReStore that looked like they’d work for my kitchen, so I borrowed Pam’s old pickup and  nabbed ’em.  13139258_10154146203098762_7572681136976331386_n

13138781_10154146203053762_1556267323471482885_n I removed hardware, cleaned and sanded the door panels I had from my daughter’s house, and those look like they’ll work well for the platform bed base, bench seats, bunk beds… maybe even walls?

Bye-bye, Fairhaven!  Craig, the circus folks, farmer’s market folks and Fairhaven have been great, but dealing with the locked gate, no access to water, having to haul around my tools, materials and personal things while house-sitting here and there has been challenging to the process.

Amanda (my older daughter) and her husband decided to go camping this weekend.  Great idea, while baby’s still in womb, and with this beautiful spring weather!  They have me doggy-sitting, and agreed to let me park my bus at their place.  There’s a spare room, bathroom, shop- everything I need to be functional and really start making some progress.  I’d love to be bus living within a month, and I’m sure they’ll be ready to have my bus move away before it leaves a dead patch in the lawn, since they hope to sell their house next spring.  ‘Tis possible.  13095939_10154146202958762_5302479922179655_n

I’m really really anxious to get the exterior painted- SOON!  A power washer and a Painting Party.  Hopefully some faithful friends can carpool out here to help on a nice sunny day.  We’re about 8 miles north of town on the King Tut road.  Stay tuned for that…

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