Yawn and Grey

Remember my friend Robert working away on the heater core a couple weeks ago?  Well, he’s a busy guy, with his job and kids, but he found time to come back with a fresh new saw blade, other tools, and gritty determination.  He pulled that bugger out, h13094399_10154146203168762_4937794505582411549_ne did!


If you look closely you’ll see his writing in sharpy on top of the thing stating “Robert Wins!”


Now there’s a yawning space under the dash.  I’ll patch the hole in the floor, clean up the area, frame it out nicely, maybe use that space for shoes and such.  I’m gonna see if I can get ahold of more rubber bus flooring for the front entry.  It’s practical and quaint.


And yesterday, I cleaned up and put a heavy duty oil based Kilz primer on the back, and a little way up the sides.  That feels very satisfying.  Once the whole bus is covered in a protective coat of primer, I can invite a crew of friends out to help me layer the 3 or 4 shades of paint on.

I plan to move her yet again within a couple of weeks, so I’ll set the date soon~

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