Back To It!

I took a nearly 2 month hiatus from my rolling home project, but I’m back to it, with energy, focus and unquenchable optimism, making good progress now.

My bus is back in Bellingham.  Getting it back here was pretty sweet.  My folks were in town, and offered to d13876619_10154422157428762_6339347204039958111_nrive me to Camano Island, where it was parked.  They helped me back her out of the tricky driveway, and then followed behind as I lumbered and bounced her down the road (yeah, her shocks aren’t great).


The ‘stop engine’ buzzer sounded twice along the way, and the second time it wasn’t turning off, so I pulled off at the Acme Rest Stop. Yep; nerves of steel.  Just a slight wobble in the knees 😉 After a few minutes of allowing the engine to cool down, we proceeded without incident.


She’s now parked in a friend’s yard north of town.  I began sorting things out as I was house and pet-sitting for a couple of friends, but didn’t start making real progress until I set up a bed and just moved in at the end of July.  Bus glamping!

Here’s the bed.  The bottom half will be hinged for access to under bed storage.  The engine’s back behind there, encased in steel.  Screwing the bench board into that is well nigh impossible.  I had to find  and use the few screw holes that were already there.



Living in the space I’m working on has allowed me to visualize just how I want things.  Sometimes running through all the steps in my head stymies me, as the whole process is so interconnected, and I don’t know!  But I’m feeling my way forward, trusting it will all work out, and so far it is, amazingly well.


I realized I wanted to adjust the rooms, which meant adjusting the floors that help designate the rooms.  Good thing I didn’t nail them down yet!  It was a long day moving, cutting and refitting, but kinda fun.  I certainly know what I’m doing now.  That feels good.  And the changes feel right.  I Love my bamboo floors!



A bathroom would be nice.  Probably the biggest puzzle piece.  I’ve been researching for quite a while and talking with many experienced folks.  There are many ways to deal with pee and poo, and there are no regulations for a bus, so I can do what I want.  What I want is a natural recycling process, odor-free, relatively hassle free, and comfortable for me and my guests.  And not a thousand dollar hulking thing!  Even if I had the money, I don’t think I’d want one of those.  Today I got a bucket, toilet seat and peat moss. I’ll see how that goes.

13920596_10154422122813762_4556415710237262756_n<This is the bathroom space, with the sink/shower pan space cut out.

13887043_10154422122703762_1899304799904843199_n<View looking forward from bedroom.


13939440_10154422122763762_3032689879446630431_n (2)

Looking back from edge of kitchen>






Time to drink my blackberry smoothie!

13935101_10154422122623762_5989598624579115183_n (1)


  1. What an amazing thing you are accomplishing and have accomplished. What a journey. Thanks for sharing.

  2. It’s looking pretty skookum Jayne!
    Keep it up!

  3. It looks fabulous. Good work!

  4. love your vision, determination and enjoyment of the process


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