Welcome to my site!

It has been said that the soul is the music of creation.  We are each a song; a voice; a part in the symphony; a thread in the tapestry.  Creativity is not just something we do; it’s who we essential are.  Life is the creative flow of creation.  When we are in the flow of our creative expression, we feel vitality, ease, fulfillment.  When that flow is blocked by stories, fears, cultural demands and disappointments, we experience the many forms of dis-ease.

I was born and raised in Western Michigan, and studied Fine Art at a private liberal arts college there.  I’ve always loved to draw and paint, and I painted commissioned portraits for many years. Living in the Pacific Northwest for 30 years now, I’ve raised 2 lovely daughters, built and renovated several homes and learned many skills along the way, including health care, art framing,  and interior and exterior painting, finishing and tiling.

From 2010 to 2015 I served as a Mneme Therapist, using facilitated painting to help heal people with brain issues.  I continue to provide my therapy services, letting the process evolve naturally as I integrate new information about various brain-boosting and healing modalities. Our Creative Flow classes are a blending of all that I have learned to this point into a relaxed and fun communal atmosphere that allows each person’s creativity to flow freely.

My intention is for this site to be an enjoyable source of information about what I am up to, as well as a showcase for the lovely creations of folks who attend my classes and workshops.  This is a constantly evolving process.  Imperfection is what creates the movement~ Collaboration creates the magic.  I welcome you to silence your inner critic and  join us in the beautiful energy of Our Creative Flow~

To ask about specific classes, request new class times and places, arrange a therapy session or workshop, or share ideas for collaboration, click on the contact tab at the top of the page and send me a note (be sure to fill in the box with the answer to the math problem.  That is to screen out spam).

Be blessed~