Like a Rose, by Edith

Like a Rose, by Edith

I worked as a Certified Mneme Therapist for 5 years.  Taking clients through this fun and rewarding process introduced me to the joy of blending my passions to paint and to serve others. In this one-on-one therapy, the multi-sensory stimulation of singing, movement, painting and sharing stories ‘wakes up’ the brain, improving awareness, function and outlook. Being a natural innovator myself, I have been compelled along the way to add brain gym, music and various other elements to enhance the process.  Understandably, the founder of MnemeTherapy wants to keep her process standardized, so we eventually agreed to part ways.  The unique and evolving process I now use with my clients  is mine alone.

My therapy practice has been primarily with people in retirement communities and senior living facilities.  The stimulation can dramatically improve their quality of life, and they get swept up in the joy of painting.  The paintings produced often become cherished by the artists and their loved ones, as well.  This therapy also works wonderfully for people on the autism spectrum, with PTSD and depression.  Actually, anyone can benefit!  The personal connection, stimulation and creative process are a potent recipe for healing and transformation.

In my experience, clients seem to reap the greatest benefits from unhurried hour long sessions, weekly or bi-weekly. My hourly rate is $60.  Sometimes, if there’s less interest in a detailed painting, and if I can arrange at least 2 clients in conjunction, then I can provide shortened sessions at a reduced rate.  I provide an 11″ x 14″ canvas and all necessary supplies.  I can travel to facilities or private residences, or clients can come to me.

I strive to be sensitive to the unique preferences of each person I work with.  If they love to sing we might harmonize joyfully a few songs.  If they don’t want to sing, we won’t sing.  If they want to just play in the paint, I let them play.  If they set the intention of creating a specific image, I do my best to facilitate their success.  My goal is to improve their sense of well-being.




Dear Jayne
Lee passed away peacefully in the early hours of Wednesday.  My whole family want to thank you for the wonderful gift you gave him in the final months of his life.  It was so wonderful to see him concentrating on his painting, enjoying the physical activity and then absorbing the praise from everyone.  He delighted in showing his art works to us all.
He was always very happy when he knew you were coming to work with him.  You obviously have talent, but he responded to your warmth, your compassion and your great sense of humor.  I remember how he tried to do his exercises with you as fast as possible and the grin on his face, when you admitted defeat.  Thank you so much for brightening his days and we hope you will continue to find many more people like Lee, who will benefit from your expertise.
Best wishes,
Trish and family

Wife of client

“If it wasn’t for Jayne Baron’s therapy a lot of my residents would not have a creative outlet that builds their self esteem and motor coordination at the same time.”


Michael Berg

Director of Resident Engagement, Highgate Senior Living