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MnemeTherapy Paintings

'Alphabet Soup' by Eve

‘Alphabet Soup’ by Eve


‘Like a Rose’ by Edith 3/16/15


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‘Desert Dreaming’ by Eve 3/16/15



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Theo works on her seascape, 3/17/15



MnemeTherapy client painting

MnemeTherapy client painting



Sailing Memories by Leon 2011




Coastal Road, by Doris

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Butterflies! The art class at Parkway Chateau

Butterflies! The art class at Parkway Chateau

Class Paintings

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Owen puts the finishing touches on his painting at the Parkway Chateau, 3/3/15



Vincent van Gogh’s ‘Cypress & Wheat Field’, The inspiration for our first Creative Flow class at Parkway Chateau





Edna proudly presents her first painting in 65 years~ Painting with Gusto at Parkway Chateau~


“Levitating Fruit’ by Mary at the Parkway Chateau


Loraine and Owen finish up their still life paintings



Vincent van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’, inspiration for our first Creative Flow Painting class at the Jansen Art Center.

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‘Straw Flowers by the Window’, by Chris Keily, 16×20 acrylic on canvas, 11/22/2014


Van Gogh’s Almond Blossoms


Cathy's creation

Cathy’s Almond Blossoms


The Inner Ease Technique

“The turbulent thoughts and emotions created by today’s rapid pace aren’t confined to each individual,” says HeartMath LLC’s Exec. VP Howard Martin in the webinar, Creating Your Energetic Field Environment For More Flow and Ease Through Life. “All of...

Painting at the ‘J’

The Creative Flow Painting classes officially began at the Jansen Art Center in Lynden on November 22nd.  The class is scheduled for every Saturday from 1:00-3:00 pm.  The following week was Thanksgiving break, and the next, December 6th, was the JAC’s Holiday...

More van Gogh Flow~

I chose to use another van Gogh image for the first Creative Flow Painting class at the Jansen Art Center.  Vincent van Gogh is my favorite artist, for a few reasons.  One is that his Dutch Reformed background is where my roots also lie.  Another is that his style has...

Fabulously Fun First Class~ ‘Flow with van Gogh’

On Monday afternoon, November 3rd, this concept became reality.  All the easels, canvas, paints and brushes fit into 3 bags that I could handle myself (though Rob helped).  Our Creative Flow is mobile!  We showed up and set up at Parkway Chateau.  At first it looked...

Everything in Life is Art

I think everything in life is art. What you do, how you dress, the way you love someone and how you talk. Your smile and your personality, what you believe in and all your dreams. The way you drink your tea, how you decorate your home, or party, your grocery list, the...